martes, febrero 27, 2007

I Am Trying To Believe

hello america.

wake up.

wake up for another day. this makes the 5000 day after the war. 5000 days after tinseltown shone for a final blaze of radioactive glamour. 5000 days after the beginning of the parepin age.

have all your prayers been rose to the lord? switched on your TV again? drunk your glass of water? good. you are good boys. the department of morality would be proud of you.

i chose not to drink water. not to drink parepin.

now i´m clever.

now i´m sharper.

now i see all is going through the motions.

and i can tell you see a lot of deep shit when you are on the other side of the mirror. i can see the lies. the manipulation. all the rotten pillars of the new american dream. some drug- induced dream. their dream, not ours. the dream of some maniacal engineer who thought that he could be the substitute of god. or stick it down our throats, until we were so suffocated we couldn´t complain.

(i saw a police smashing the brains of a poor muslim kid. his only crime was being in his way).

parepin made me numb and clumsy. it gave me headaches so strong that sometimes i fainted of pure pain. but i drank it, beacause the government told me it was good for me.

the government. such a bunch of hypocrtitical pigs. swimming into their own loathe. wish they drown on a tide of bile. that would be real justice, neither poetical nor brutal. not like we did on iran. just pure justice.

but one day, i just decided to let it pass. one day without water. it was tough. long. and revealing.

for one day, my senses wern´t bloated. the headaches gone.

for the first time in the parepin age, i could see.

and i didn´t like what i saw.

i woke up that day. this is the time that all of you open your eyes. before it´s too late. before free will turns only into a word in the dictionary.

would you dare to cross the line too?

i want to believe, but i don´t want to believe alone.

4 comentarios:

Mazarbul dijo...

¿Qué demo...? Según entiendo en lo que dice la página esta (que podría haberse dejado de borrones, porque a ver quién entiende cada cosa), en EEUU echan una droga en el servicio público de aguas, ¿para combatir al bio-terrorismo? No bebo yo el agua de Melilla, que está toda llena de cal, voy a beber la que tiene esa droga...

Si ya no es por el hecho de que sea cierto o no lo del bio-terrorismo, que sea perjudicial o no el Parepin... pero es que estas acciones están fuera de contexto. Me da a mí que esto es como si el gobierno dijera ahora que cerrará toda reserva de agua a las zonas de cultivo que están desérticas porque hay que ahorrar el agua: para nada y para mal.

Un saludo.

Raven dijo...

Eso parece. O no. Joder, no tengo ni idea. Un día voy y amanezco con este texto pegado por la cara en mi blog. Supongo que habrá sido un hacker listillo que se ha infiltrado en mi blog, pero vamos, que se lo podía haber metido por el culo.

VV dijo...

Bueno,¿Y la posibilidad de continuar el blog? Que estaba interesante

Raven dijo...

¡JODER! ¿Viejoverde? ¿¿¿Pero qué cojones haces aquí???